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About Maulana Ji

Maulana Ji s one of the best Muslim scholars in the world, and he has good knowledge of the holy Quran and hadith; he has about 40+ years of experience in solving problems using Islamic ways. He belongs to Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan; here, he can study the holy Quran and help people who have problems related to love, marriage, property, court case, jobs, etc.

How Does It Help Islamic Naqsh?

Islamic Naqsh is a platform to connect with Maulana Ji and he is a simple person who believes in humanity. If you are facing problems related to your life or anything and want a solution fromMaulana Ji, then ask him via this platform and get a quick response. You can ask him via mobile, email, or whats-app; we will reply to you quickly as we receive your problems.

How To Trust?

  1. Maulana Ji is a popular personality on social media.
  2. You can search  Maulana Ji on google and then believe.
  3. Maulana Ji has 40+ years of experience.
  4. We have thousands of successful stories.
  5. Islamic Naqsh is a trusted platform to connect with Maulana Ji.

Are you with a problem and want to get a solution? If yes, then you are in the right place. Just make a call or WhatsApp, and you will get a faster answer from our side.

Note: Do All Dua/Wazifa by following Maulana Ji guidelines. Otherwise, it may not work or harm you.

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