8 Step About How To Do Wudu In Islam – Great

8 Step About How To Do Wudu In Islam – Great, Wudu is an Islamic act of purification of religion. It is a one-to-one process that cleanses us both physically and mentally and prepares us for the accomplishment of prayer.  It can be difficult for new learners to remember the correct sequence of steps and what breaks the wudu. As Muslims, we pray five times a day, so it is important to know the  arrangement for that

Step 1: Niya 

The first step is to start with Niya or intent. Our Niyyah should consist of praying to Allah, saying Bismira, and performing Udu to purify ourselves, with the right intentions in our hearts. When you play Udu, you need to be aware of the behavior by calming your mind and focusing on the Ibadat you are trying to play.

Step 2: Wash your hands 

When doing Wudu, you need to wash each part of your body three times. Then wash your body parts, starting with your hands. Sunnah first passes his right hand and then his left hand. Each limb should be cleaned three times, so the entire hand is wet.

 Step 3: Wash your mouth 

Then wash your mouth three times. Make a cup from your right hand to catch the water and use it to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Be sure to stir the water in your mouth and then spit it out to clean it thoroughly.

Step 4: Wash your nose 

Then pour water into the cup on your left hand and rinse your nose three times. Inhale a small amount of water into your nose and then blow it away to clean it so that you do not drink too much to cause suffocation.

If you are a beginner, you need to do this step carefully. Do not suck too much water as it can reach your head directly.

Step 5: Wash your face 

Wash your face three times, ensuring your entire face is wet, from the forehead line to your chin. Put your hands together to make a big cup, add water and wash your face.

If you have a beard, wash your face and pass your wet fingers through the beard.

Step 6: Wash your arms 

It’s time to wash your arms, from your right arm to your fingertips to your elbows. You must clean your arms three times to ensure that no part of your arm remains dry. Repeat the same process with your left arm.

Step 7: Perform Mash

After washing your arms, shake your hand to get rid of the extra water, then deliver your hand to your forehead. In a sweeping motion, wipe your fingers through your hair from the front to again, again to that front once. Afterward, deliver your index hands to the ears to ease from in the ear.

Step 8: Wash Your Feet

The closing step is to clean the toes three times, beginning from the proper foot’s toenail to above the ankle. Each foot must be washed three times. Use your hands to wipe away any dust or filth from among your ft and repeat the identical procedure for every foot.

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